Christmas With Holly – 2012

Christmas_with_Holly_HHOF_470 source  Adam Baldwin II, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Andy Smith, Brian Heighton, Catherine Berube, Cole McCullough-Roil, Colyer McCullough-Roil, Cynthia Galant, Dana Watkins, Daniel Eric Gold, Dawn Cyr, Dawn McKelvie Cyr, Don Bottomley, Eloise Mumford, Fiona Forsythe, Gary Levert, Jean Yoon, Josie Gallina, Ken Shipley, Leah Randell, Lori Hallier, Lucy Gallina, Mauralea Austin, Naomi Blackhall-Butler, Naomi Joy Blackhall Butler, Nicholas Leblanc, Rhonda McLean, Sean Faris, Terence Hyacinth, Tessa Cameron, Vanessa Matsui, Wade Carroll

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