A Christmas Carol – 1999

a-christmas-carol-1999 source Annabel Mullion, Annette Badland, Barnaby Francis, Ben Tibber, Bernard Lloyd, Billy Seymour, Bruce Alexander, Celia Imrie, Charlotte Brittain, Claire Adamson, Claire Slater, Crispin Letts, Daniel Booroff, Debbie Chazen, Desmond Barrit, Dominic West, Edward Petherbridge, Elizabeth Spriggs, Eric Jorrin, Gawn Grainger, Helen Coker, Holly Hutchings, Ian McNeice, Jack Chissick, Jeremy Swift, Joe Jones, Joel Grey, John Franklyn-Robbins, Josh Maguire, Kenny Doughty, Laura Fraser, Leagh Conwell, Leanne Howard-Williams, Liz Smith, Lynn Ferris, Matthew Cottle, Michael Green, Patrick Stewart, Pooky Quesnel, Richard E. Grant, Roger Frost, Roger Hammond, Rosie Wiggins, Rowland Stirling, Saskia Reeves, Stephen Moore, Tabitha Francis, Tim Potter, Tom Towndrow, Trevor Peacock, Will Howes, Zoe Timmins

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