Ernest Saves Christmas – 1988

8343605_gal source  Angelique Walker, Antonio Fabrizio, Antonio Fabrizzio, Barry Brazell, Beecher Martin, Bill Byrge, Bill Cordell, Bill Welter, Billie Bird, Bob Barnes, Bob Norris, Buddy Douglas, Carmen Alexander, Carmen J. Alexander, Cyndi Vicino, Cynthia Ergenbright, D. Christian Gottshall, Daniel Butler, Danny Dillon, Donna Phillip Miller, Douglas Brush, Douglas Seale, Gailard Sartain, George Kaplan, Jack Swanson, Jackie Welch, Jennifer Peña, Jesse Stone, Jim Varney, Joe Candelora, Jon Freda, Key Howard, Larry Francer, Lindsey Alley, Michael O. Smith, Mike Hutchinson, Miriam P. Saunders, Noelle Parker, Oliver Clark, Patty Maloney, Paul Darby, Phran Gauci, Ray Russell, Robert Lesser, Rosa Nevin, Tom Nowicki, Zachary Bowden


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