Holiday Affair – 1949

holiday-affair-movie-poster-1949-1020197016 source  Al Murphy, Al Rhein, Allen Mathews, Bert Stevens, Billy Henry, Carl Sklover, Charles Regan, Charles Sullivan, Chick Chandler, Esther Dale, Frances Morris, Frank Johnson, Frank Mills, Genevieve Bell, Genevieve Kendall, George Eldredge, Gordon Gebert, Griff Barnett, Harmon Stevens, Harry Morgan, Helen Brown, Henry Morgan, Henry O’Neill, Jack Chefe, Jack Kelly, James Conaty, James Griffith, Janet Leigh, Jimmy Hawkins, Jimmy Hunt, Joey Ray, Larry J. Blake, Louise Franklin, Mame Henderson, Mary Stewart, Melinda Plowman, Michka Egan, Mike Lally, Pat Barton, Patricia Hall, Paula Raymond, Philip Morris, Robert Hughes, Robert Lyden, Robert Mitchum, Sammy Shack, Theodore Rand, Wendell Corey, William J. O’Brien, Yvonne Crossley

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