Holiday Inn – 1942

holidayinn source  Anthony Nace, Barbara Slater, Bing Crosby, Brooks Benedict, Bud Jamison, Cyril Ring, David Tihmar, Donald Brown, Edward Arnold Jr., Edward Emerson, Fred Astaire, Glenn D. Forbes, Harry Barris, Irving Bacon, Irving Berlin, Jack Shea, Jacques Vanaire, James Bell, Jane Novak, Joan Arnold, John Gallaudet, Julia Faye, June Ealey, Karin Booth, Keith Richards, Kenneth Griffith, Kitty Kelly, Laurie Douglas, Leon Belasco, Lora Lee, Loretta Barnett, Louise Beavers, Louise La Planche, Lynda Grey, Marek Windheim, Marion Colby, Marjorie Reynolds, Mel Ruick, Muriel Barr, Oscar ‘Dutch’ Hendrian, Patsy Bedell, Ralph Brooks, Rebel Randall, Reed Porter, Robert Homans, Robert Locke Lorraine, Ronald R. Rondell, Ross Murray, Ruth Clifford, Shelby Bacon, Teala Loring, Virginia Dale, Walter Abel, William Cabanne

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