March of the Wooden Soldiers / Babes in Toyland – 1934

lahbit source  Alice Cooke, Alice Dahl, Alice Lake, Alice Moore, Angelo Rossitto, Anne Brown, Arthur Lovejoy, Baldwin Cooke, Billy Bletcher, Bob O’Connor, Bobby Burns, Bobby Hale, Buster Brodie, Carl R. Botefuhr, Charles Bimbo, Charles Dorety, Charley Rogers, Charlie Hall, Charlotte Henry, Dickie Jones, Eddie Baker, Eddie Borden, Edward Earle, Ellen Corby, Ernie Alexander, Felix Knight, Ferdinand Munier, Florence Roberts, Frank Austin, Fred Holmes, Georgie Billings, Gus Leonard, Ham Kinsey, Henry Brandon, Henry Kleinbach, Jack ‘Tiny’ Lipson, Jack Hill, Jack Raymond, Jacqueline Taylor, Jean Darling, Jerry Tucker, John George, John Wood, Johnny Downs, Joy Lane, Kewpie Morgan, Margaret Nearing, Margaret Seddon, Marianne Edwards, Marie Wilson, May Wallace, Oliver Hardy, Payne B. Johnson, Pete Gordon, Ricardo Lord Cezon, Richard Alexander, Richard Powell, Robert Hoover, Russell Coles, Sam Lufkin, Scotty Beckett, Scotty Mattraw, Stan Laurel, Sumner Getchell, Tiny Sandford, Tommy Bupp, Virginia Karns, William Burress, Zebedy Colt

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