Little House on the Prairie: A Christmas They Never Forgot – 1981

lhotptctnf1981 source, 2  Alene Wilson, Brenda Turnbaugh, Dago Dimster, Dean Butler, Don Dubbins, Eddy C. Dyer, Helbi Ziroe, Helby Ziroe, Holly Villaire, Jason Bateman, Jerry Supiran, Karen Grassle, Kathleen McNaughton, Kathy Pazoff, Ketty Lester, Lindsay Greenbush, Linwood Boomer, Maggie Gwinn, Matthew Laborteaux, Matthew Labyorteaux, Melissa Francis, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Michael Landon, Missy Francis, Newell Alexander, Oliver Aubrey, Rebecca Wolfe, Rodney Booker, Sheri Strahl, Sidney Greenbush, Tom Lester, Vernon Barnwell, Victor French, Wendi Turnbaugh

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