A Bad Moms Christmas – 2017

  source  In general, this blog does not endorse any film or special listed. It’s just a listing, simple as that. There are, however, some films that I won’t put on here because of content and others that I feel deserve a warning. I have no experience with this film but the original film had an anti-trans “joke” in it and I find it gross and the cast to be gross. So…just a warning about this film.  Possibly.    Alex Riley Hughes, Alex Sunkins, Alyssa AnnMarie Marquez, Amy Stormant, Anna DeVries, Ariana Greenblatt, Ashley Uecker, Bobby Akers, Brenda Mitchell, Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson, Cade Cooksey, Cade Mansfield Cooksey, Camden Ella Brown, Camden Haydon, Carter Zier, Celise Forte, Chase Wainscott, Chel Brickhouse, Cheryl Hines, Christina Applegate, Christina Michelle Williams, Christine Baranski, Colby Zier, Connie Elizabeth Branch, Darcell Scott, David Dunston, David Walton, Destiny Lopez, Edward Parker, Emjay Anthony, Fanicia Dunston, Francisco Perez, GlenNeta Griffin, Hannah Russell, Holden River Dunlap, J. Gaven Wilde, Jacks Dean, Jacob Garabadian, Jaimi McPeek, Jamaine Washington, Jay Hernandez, Jelani Lofton, Jerry McRae, Jill Kargman, Joey Thurmond, John Merical, Joshua Veninga, Justin Hartley, Karen B. Greer, Katheryne White, Kathryn Hahn, Keith Hudson, Kelsey Walsh, Kenny G., Kevin Christenson, Kristen Bell, Kurt Yue, Laurel O Wagner, Lina Zalewski, Lucie Carroll, Lyle Brocato, Madison Muffley, Mary McCloud, Matt Allmen, Matthew Warzel, Megan Chelf Fisher, Mila Kunis, Nikki Tomlinson, Oona Laurence, Parker Amrani, Patrick R. Walker, Patrick Walker, Patti Schellhaas, Peter Gallagher, Phil Pierce, Rae Jordan, Robert Ryals, Ruby Barnes, Ryan Newton, Sierra Nicole Krug, Sophia Alongi, Stan Madray, Susan Sarandon, Teagan Seay, Tegan Jones, Terayle Hill, Tevin Beech, Thomas Mark Higgins, Tian Richards, Travarious Tucker, Travis Thompson, Tyson Love, Wanda Sykes, Wendy Bowerman

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