Christmas in the Heartland – 2017

  source  Alex Preble, Betsy Hume, Bo Derek, Brighton Sharbino, Bryan Whorton, Bryson Smith, Chris Freihofer, Christian Kane, Christopher Rich, Connie Franklin, Connie Lynn Moore, David Lee Anderson, Debbi Tucker, Delores Wheeler, Gavin Taylor, J.J. Arends, Jasmine Fontes, JoeDon Rooney, Joel Decker, Jonnie Parnell, JR Hatchett, Kim Robertson, Kristen Melling, Lori Chahal, Maggie McClure, Mollie Milligan, Nick Swezey, Paige Kriet, Paula Jay Fairbrother, Paula Trickey, Rianne Ross, Ronnie Felts, Shannon Moree Smith, Shelley Long, Sierra McCormick, Stacy Casaluci, Tiffany Fallon, Tisha Bradford, Tryston Skye

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