Sharing Christmas – 2017

  source  Annette Wright, April Matson, Ash Santos, Ashley Santos, Bobby Campo, Brooks Forester, Chad Wright, Colby James Strong, Colby Strong, Cynthia Gibb, Danny Mack, Dave Koz, David McKnight, David Starzyk, Don Hudson, Ellen Hollman, Hannah West, Jade Harlow, Jarrod Phillips, John Sanderford, Jon Prescott, Kalli Therinae, Kelsie Sanabria, Laura Eady-Powell, Lillian Grace Hale, Marilyn Miller, Mark Blockovich, Matthew Sincell, Melanie Nelson, Molly Miller, Pam Eichner, Pamela Roylance, Paul Nathan Cuthbert, Peter D’Alessio, Scarlett Hazen, Teresa Duran-Norvick, Travis Anderson, Xander J. Allen

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