The Bob Hope Christmas Special – 1979

bhcs1979 source, two, three  Adam Rich, Angie Dickinson, Billy Sims, Bob Hope, Bonnie Franklin, George Rogers, Kathryn Crosby, Kathryn Grant Crosby, Kenny Easely, Les Brown, Les Brown and His Band of Renown, Marc Wilson, Mike Singletary, The AP All America Football Team, The Rose Queen and her Court

The Donny and Marie Christmas Special – 1979

damcs1979 source, 2  Adam Rich, Alan Osmond, Cindy Williams, Debbie Osmond, Donny Osmond, Dorothy Hamill, Erik Estrada, George Osmond, Jay Osmond, Jimmy Osmond, Marie Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Michael McManus, Olive Osmond, The Osmond Brothers, The Osmond Brothers Band, The Osmond Wives, The Osmonds, Tom Osmond, Virl Osmond, Wayne Osmond

The Six Million Dollar Man: A Bionic Christmas Carol – 1976

Six Million title card source  Adam Rich, Ann Dusenberry, Antoinette Bower, Barry Cahill, Dick Sargent, Howard McGillin, June Dayton, Kin Shriner, Lee Majors, Martin E. Brooks, Noah Keen, Peter Leeds, Quinn Cummings, Ray Walston, Richard Anderson