A Christmas Night with the Stars – 1962

  source  Adam Faith, Alan Breeze, Alan Melville, Alec Bregonzi, Andy Stewart, Anne Ridler, Arthur Askey, Arthur Rigby, Barbara Windsor, Billy Cotton, Christopher Gilmore, Claire Davenport, David Jacobs, Eamonn Andrews, Eric Sykes, Esma Cannon, Eunice Black, Geoffrey Adams, Harry H. Corbett, Hattie Jacques, Hugh Lloyd, Ian Powrie, Jack Warner, Jeanette Hutchinson, Jill Curzon, Jimmy Edwards, Jocelyn Rhodes, Jocelyne Rhodes, John Hughes, June Whitfield, Kathie Kay, Kenneth McKellar, Mary Hignett, Michael Bentine, Michael Brennan, Miriam Karlin, Patricia Denys, Peter Byrne, Peter Jones, Reg Varney, Ronnie Barker, Russ Conway, Sheena Marshe, Sidney James, Susan George, Sydney Tafler, Terry Scott, The Black and White Minstrels, The High-Lights, The Leslie Roberts Silhouettes, The Mitchell Minstrels, The Television Toppers, The White Heather Dancers, Wilfrid Brambell

A Christmas Night with the Stars – 1958

  source, two  Alan Breeze, Alec Bregonzi, Anthony Parker, Arthur Howard, Arthur Rigby, Billy Cotton, Charlie Chester, Charlie Drake, Dave Freeman, David Langford, David Nixon, Eric ‘Jeeves’ Grier, Graham Ashley, Jack Warner, Jeanette Hutchinson, Jeremy Roughton, Jimmy Edwards, John Stirling, Kenneth Connor, Moira Mannion, Percy Edwards, Perry Como, Peter Byrne, Sheila Holt, Ted Ray, The Beverley Sisters, The George Mitchell Choir, The George Mitchell Singers, The Leslie Roberts Silhouettes, The Television Toppers, Tony Hancock, Totti Truman Taylor, Vera Lynn

The Two Ronnies : 1987 Christmas Special – 1987

  source, two  Alec Bregonzi, Alfred Marks, Charlton Heston, Denis Quilley, Derek Ware, Ed Bishop, Elton John, Frank Finlay, John Owens, Lynda Baron, Maria Charles, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, Sandra Dickinson, The Fred Tomlinson Singers, The Jeff Thacker Dancers, Walter Sparrow

The Two Ronnies : 1982 Christmas Special – 1982

  source, two  Alec Bregonzi, Brigit Forsyth, David Essex, Debbi Blythe, Derek Ware, Ken Sedd, Kenneth Sedd, Michael Redfern, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett, The Fred Tomlinson Singers, The Lordship Ringers, Tracy Rispoli