12 Dates of Christmas – 2011

ver-12-dates-of-christmas-2011-online-121 source  Alexander De Jordy, Amy Smart, Andrea Lyons, Audrey Dwyer, Benjamin Ayres, Cherisse Woonsam, Esther Jaciuk, Jayne Eastwood, Jennifer Kydd, Joe MacLeod, Joe Ring, Laura Miyata, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Martin Roach, Mary Long, Michelle Piller, Miles Faber, Paul Beer, Peter MacNeill, Richard Fitzpatrick, Riley Gilchrist, Sedina Fiati, Shant Srabian, Stephan James, Tara Baxendale, Vijay Mehta

The Good Witch – 2008

11157463_800 I’m including the Good Witch series because they are holiday movies and they do feature some Christmas content. They sort of signify the oncoming Christmas movie season.  source  Aaron Berg, Alexander De Jordy, Allan Royal, Catherine Bell, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Jamie Ferenczi, Jesse Bostick, Matthew Knight, Murray Oliver, Nathan McLeod, Neil Girvan, Noah Cappe, Paul Miller, Paula Boudreau, Peter MacNeill, Rob Stewart, Sophie Goulet