Anything But Love : Salmonella Is Coming to Town – 1991

  source  Ann Magnuson, Bruce Weitz, Charles Hutchins, Cristine Rose, Dave Adams, Holly Fulger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jean Pflieger, Jean St. James, Mary Ellen David, Ric Sarabia, Richard Frank, Richard Lewis, Tony Veneto

The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas – 1996

The_Munsters_Scary_Little_Christmas source  Alan Zitner, Ann Magnuson, Arturo Gil, Bruce Spence, Bug Hall, Daniel Kellie, Dominic Condon, Donald Cook, Ed Gale, Elaine Hendrix, Jeremy Callaghan, John Allen, Jonathan Biggins, Justin Case, Kate Fischer, Malcolm Mudway, Mark Mitchell, Mary Woronov, Michael Hamilton, Noel Ferrier, Patricia Howson, Sam McMurray, Sandy Baron, William Ten Eyck