How Sarah Got Her Wings – 2015


Here’s one thing I don’t do. Seriously, look around this blog and you’ll find there isn’t an opinion listed on any other film. I’m a Christmas film/special NUT. That’s part of why I started this blog: I wanted to know who was the king or queen of Christmas movies. So I will watch it all and I’ve seen MANY of the movies and specials on this blog. This film here, How Sarah Got Her Wings, is terrible. It’s maybe the worst. I could not make it beyond the first 5-10 minutes. I expect sappy. I expect cliche. I expect a lot of things from made for television, dime a dozen movies. This one, however, was beyond what I could stomach and I have an almost endless appetite for sappy, cliche, festive, shiny, silly films.

Caleel Harris, Charles Robinson, Charlie Robinson, Christine Kent, Cindy Baer, Daniel di Tomasso, Dennis Nicomede, Derek Theler, Haley Brooke Newton, Hayes Hargrove, Hayley Newton, Hunter Gibson, Jennifer Kays, Jeremy Luke, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Lindsey Apple, Lindsey Gort, Melanie Liburd, Michael Varrati, Stanislav Grabarev, Suzanne Sumner Ferry, Troy Evans, Vanessa Waters


Santa, Jr.

018713815996 source  Alan Shearman, Alexis Howard-Thomas, Angela Seger, Antoine Furbert, Charles Robinson, Chase Ellison, Danielle Rees, Diane Robin, Ed Gale, Eugene M. Davis, Gene Davis, George Wallace, Jaime Gomez, Jaime P. Gomez, Judd Nelson, Kimberly Scott, Kris Romero, Lauren Holly, Madison Sedin, Marc Hershon, Nick Stabile, Rodger Bumpass, Trevor David, Wendy Hoover, Wyatt Alvarez