A Different World : I’m Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas – 1990

  source, two  Charnele Brown, Cree Summer, Darryl M. Bell, Dawnn Lewis, Harold Sylvester, Jasmine Guy, Josef Powell, Julia Waters, Kadeem Hardison, Maxine Waters, Maxine Waters Willard, Oren Waters, Patti LaBelle, Stanley Brock

Married with Children : God Help Ye Merry Bundymen – 1996

   source  Amanda Bearse, Amy Lyndon, Christian McLaughlin, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, Ed O’Neill, Harold Sylvester, Jacqui Hyland, Janet Carroll, Jonathan Mangum, Katey Sagal, Kevin Lamont Smith, Lucky, Lynette Bennett, Mary Stein, Nicole Nagorsky, Sara Ballantine, Steven Anthony Lawrence, Ted McGinley

Married with Children : I Can’t Believe It’s Butter – 1995

   source  Amanda Bearse, Christina Applegate, Dan Tullis Jr., Danica Sheridan, David Faustino, Dijon S. Williams, Dijon Williams, E.E. Bell, Ed O’Neill, Harold Sylvester, Jennifer Martin, Katey Sagal, Kathleen Freeman, Lucky, Ted McGinley, Tom McCleister, Venessia Valentino