Anything But Love : Salmonella Is Coming to Town – 1991

  source  Ann Magnuson, Bruce Weitz, Charles Hutchins, Cristine Rose, Dave Adams, Holly Fulger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jean Pflieger, Jean St. James, Mary Ellen David, Ric Sarabia, Richard Frank, Richard Lewis, Tony Veneto

The Christmas Gift – 2015

  source  Aaron Christopher, Al Carabello, Ariel Dupin, Cal Bartlett, Daniel Booko, Ed Halligan, Helen Siff, Jacob Johnson, Jean St. James, Jonathan Nation, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Marliss Amiea, Marquita Terry, Meghan McLeod, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mike Jerome Putnam, Milton T.J. Taylor, Rick Fox, Rylan Lee, Scott Thomas Reynolds, Sterling Sulieman, Tracy Mulholland, Tracy Settel