Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa – 2012

  source  Bruce Dinsmore, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Holly Gautier-Frankel, Mauro Tuboloco, Michael Rudder, Mike Paterson, Pier Kohl, Pier Paquette, Rick Jones, Sonja Ball, Terrence Scammell, Thor Bishopric, Walter Massey

How the Toys Saved Christmas / “La freccia azzurra” – 1996

httsc source  Arthur Holden, Bruce Dinsmore, Dario Fo, Gary Jewell, Holly Frankle, Jane Woods, Joanna Noyes, Lella Costa, Maggie Castle, Mark Camacho, Mary Tyler Moore, Michael Caloz, Michael Rudder, Neil Shee, Richard Dumont, Richard M. Dumont, Rick Jones, Sonja Ball, Susan Glover, Terrence Scammell, Terry Scammel, Thor Bishopric, Tony Randall, Walter Massey

A Dennis the Menace Christmas – 2007

A-Dennis-the-Menace-Christmas-2007-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online source  China Anne McClain, Donny Quinn, Elliott Larson, George Newbern, Godfrey, Guido Cocomello, Heidi Hayes, Isaac Durnford, Jack Noseworthy, Jake Beale, Jane Gilchrist, Kim Schraner, Louise Fletcher, Marie Matiko, Mason Vale Cotton, Matthew Comeau, Maxwell Perry Cotton, Michael Lerner, Ray ‘Guido’ Cocomello, Richard Dumont, Richard M. Dumont, Richard Notkin, Robert Wagner, Russell Yuen, Walter Massey