The Good Witch – 2008

11157463_800 I’m including the Good Witch series because they are holiday movies and they do feature some Christmas content. They sort of signify the oncoming Christmas movie season.  source  Aaron Berg, Alexander De Jordy, Allan Royal, Catherine Bell, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Jamie Ferenczi, Jesse Bostick, Matthew Knight, Murray Oliver, Nathan McLeod, Neil Girvan, Noah Cappe, Paul Miller, Paula Boudreau, Peter MacNeill, Rob Stewart, Sophie Goulet

Fallen Angel – 2003

fallen-angel-2003_thumb1 source  Alisa Wiegers, Art Hindle, Boyd Banks, Bruce Gooch, Dave Nichols, Gary Sinise, Gordon Pinsent, Grace Armas, Jake Brockman, James McCowan, James McGowan, Joanne Reece, Joely Richardson, Jordy Benattar, Kate Trotter, Kelly Lovell, Kevin Hare, Larry Heisler, Lorne Cardinal, Michael Rhoades, Murray Oliver, Philip Craig, Quancetia Hamilton, Quancita Hamilton, Rick Roberts, Ryan Simpkins, Shawn Roberts